VapX YK6 Replacement Pod 3 Pack
VapX YK6 Replacement Pod 3 Pack
VapX YK6 Replacement Pod 3 Pack

VapX YK6 Replacement Pod 3 Pack

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More Choice, More Flavour, and Better for our environment!

New VapX YK6 Replacement Pod - compatible with RELX Gen 2 battery stick, so if you are using a new RELX system and this will open up more flavour for you to explore. 

Even better it uses coil so performs better on flavour side and reduces waste - better taste and easy on our environment.


Ice Cola - Ice Cola Flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Americano - Ice coffee flavour, Nicotine @ 30MG

Ice Orange - Ice Fanta Orange flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Sweet Mint - Ice and Minty Flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Grape - Ice Grape Flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Lychee - Ice Lychee Flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Apple - Iced mix Red and Green Apple flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Lime - Ice Lime Flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Mojito - Ice Mojito Flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Watermelon - Ice Watermelon flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Ice Guava - Ice Guava flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Pineapple Coconut - Ice Pina Colada flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Berry Mix - Ice mix Berry Flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Grape Aloe - Grape aloe drink flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Strawberry Kiwi - Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit mix flavour, Nicotine @30MG

Caramel Tobacco - Tobacco flavour with Sweet Caramel, Nicotine @30MG